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The Intel® XDK NEW provides a comprehensive cross-platform development environment for HTML5 developers to build hybrid HTML5 apps and deploy them on mobile phone and tablet devices, or on platforms that host HTML5 web apps (such as a Google Chrome Extension* application or a mobile web site).

Please ensure that you have downloaded and installed the latest version of the Intel XDK NEW on your development system. HTML5 apps are not limited to web pages viewed in a browser. You can also package your HTML5 code and deploy it as a locally installed hybrid mobile app. This enables the use of the same distribution and monetization channels as native mobile apps, as well as the same app installation and launch experience.

When you start the Intel XDK NEW you are presented with a series of tabs. These tabs access a set of tools to help you develop, debug, test and deploy your HTML5 apps. After choosing a project, you can jump between the tabs as required:


A quick summary of each tab follows. If you are new to developing hybrid HTML5 mobile apps, you can read this more in-depth overview of the Intel XDK NEW.

Projects Tab

The Projects tab lists those projects the Intel XDK NEW is aware of on your development system. The currently active project is highlighted and is the project upon which all other tabs will perform their operations. Use this tab to change the active project, import a project, or create a new project. To get started, see the Projects tab topic.

  NOTE: Each project must contain an index.html file that is the entry point to your HTML5 app.

Develop Tab

Use the Develop tab to edit and lay out your application. You can edit files directly with the built-in Brackets* editor or use your favorite code editor. The drag-and-drop App Designer helps you lay out and build a responsive user interface for your app based on a variety of popular UI framework libraries. This gives your app the ability to resize and adapt to portrait and landscape views on various phone, tablet, and even UltrabookTM devices. To get started, see the Editor topic and the App Designer tutorials

Emulate Tab

Debug your hybrid app in a mobile device simulator based on the Apache Ripple* emulator. You can check your app's functionality and layout on a collection of virtual mobile devices. Click the Debug button on the toolbar to open a built-in debugger based on the Chrome Developer Tools*. This allows direct debugging of your app's JavaScript code, CSS rules and DOM elements. This tab provides emulation support for the Apache Cordova* and Intel XDK APIs. To get started, see the Device Emulator tutorial.

Test Tab

You can push your app remotely to real physical hardware - over the network - without having to perform a full build or attach to a USB cable. In addition to evaluating how your app behaves on a real device, you can remotely debug your app while it runs on a real device. To get started, see the Test on Device topic.

Build Tab

Before you can deploy your application, you must first build it. The build process packages your app so it can be submitted to the appropriate mobile app store and, ultimately, downloaded and installed on your customer's mobile device. This tab supports most popular mobile platforms, including: Android*, Apple iOS*, Microsoft Windows 8*, Amazon*, Nook* and Tizen*. Builds are performed in the cloud, so you do not need to install and configure the SDK for each target platform. To learn more, see the Build tab topic.

   NOTE: You submit your app to each app store outside of the Intel XDK NEW.

Services Tab

This tab provides access to a collection of third-party cloud services (web services). To get started, see the Services tab topic. You are under no obligation to use services presented in this tab. Likewise, you may use any cloud services that are appropriate for your app. Please contact your third-party cloud services provider for information regarding service costs, licensing and technical help.

Intel® HTML5 App Porter Tool - BETA

Do you have an iOS application you'd like to move to other mobile platforms? The Intel® HTML5 App Porter Tool - BETA translates Apple Objective-C* code, and API calls for iOS into an HTML5 application. The output project can be opened in Microsoft Visual Studio* 2012 or imported into the Intel XDK NEW. The Intel HTML5 App Porter - BETA tool is available as a free download from