This command will upload and save the push certificate for an iOS application.

http://webservices.html5tools-software.intel.com/build.aspx?cmd=uploadpushcertificate&partnercode=[Partner Code]&customerid=[Customer ID]&appname=[Application Name]&releasename=[Release Version Name]pushp12pass=[Password for p12 File]{POSTDATA}


Use this command to upload the push certificate retrieved from the Apple Developer site for a particular application for use with an application.


  • partnercode: In order to use this web service, request a valid partner code from html5tools@intel.com.
  • customerid: In order to use this web service, request your Customer ID from html5tools@intel.com.
  • appname: The unique name of the application to register for push messages.
  • releasename: A valid version number of the release. This parameter should be the version number of the build you would like to use. If left blank, this will default to the most up-to-date build number.
  • pushp12pass: The password of the iOS push certificate.