This command uploads a certificate and private key or a P12 file containing both in order for a particular account to build iOS applications

http://webservices.html5tools-software.intel.com/build.aspx?cmd=uploadcertificate&partnercode=[Partner Code]&customerid=[Customer ID]&p12pass=[Password the P12 file]{POSTDATA}  


The uploadCertificate command will process and save an iOS certificate and private key pair. Only one iOS certificate is configured per customer. This command will overwrite any previously configured certificate.

If separate files contain the certificate and private key, the certificate in DER format must have the extension .cer. The private key must have an extension of .key.

If a pkc12 file containing both a private key and certificate is supplied the file extension must be p12. The password used to create the pkcs12 file must be passed with the parameter P12Pass.


  • partnercode: In order to use this web service, request a valid partner code from html5tools@intel.com.
  • customerid: In order to use this web service, request your Customer ID from html5tools@intel.com.
  • p12pass: The password to the p12 file submitted (if needed).