Comparison of App Game Interface commands to canvas tag commands

Method CompatibilityNotes
addColorStop Not Implemented
addHitRegion Not Implemented
arc Compatible
arcTo Compatible
beginPath Compatible
bezierCurveTo Compatible
clear Compatible
clearRect Compatible
clip Not Implemented
closePath Compatible
createImageData Implemented for iOS only
createLinearGradient Not Implemented
createRadialGradient Not Implemented
createPatern Not Implemented
detach Compatible
drawImage Compatible
drawImageTile AGI Feature
drawCustomFocusRing Not Implemented
drawSystemFocusRing Not Implemented
ellipse Implemented for iOS only
fill Compatible
fillRect Compatible
fillText Compatible
getContext Compatible
getImageData Implemented for iOS only
getLineDash Not Implemented
isPointInPath Compatible
imageSmoothingEnabled Not Implemented
lineDashOffset Not Implemented
lineTo Compatible
measureText Implemented for iOS only
moveTo Compatible
present AGI FeatureRequired for App Game Interface to render any operations
putImageData Implemented for iOS only
quadraticCurveTo Compatible
rect Compatible
resetClip Not Implemented
restore Compatible
rotate Compatible
save Compatible
scale Compatible
scrollPathIntoView Not Implemented
setFPS AGI FeatureUse this command to automatically render AGI operations
setLineDash Not Implemented
setTransform Implemented for iOS only
shadowOffsetX Not Implemented
shadowOffsetY Not Implemented
shadowBlur Not Implemented
shadowColor Not Implemented
stroke Compatible
strokeRect Compatible
strokeText Implemented for iOS only
transform Implemented for iOS only
translate Compatible
Property CompatibilityNotes
clearStyle CompatibleThis property is write only
fillStyle CompatibleThis property is write only
font Not Implemented
globalAlpha Compatible
globalCompositeOperationCompatibleThis property is write only
globalScale Compatible
height Compatible
HTML5CompatibilityMode AGI FeatureThis is a unique feature
lineCap Implemented for iOS only
lineJoin Implemented for iOS onl
lineWidth Implemented for iOS only
miterLimit Implemented for iOS onl
strokeStyle CompatibleThis property is write only
textAlign Not Implemented
textBaseline Not Implemented
width Compatible