Tutorial - Obtaining Application Store Credentials

v1.00 : 04.29.2011


The purpose of this document is to lay out just what needs to be done in order to obtain the appropriate credentials for submitting applications to the iOS Appstore and the Andorid Market.

Creating new credentials allows appMobi applications to be identified as created by an entity other than "appMobi Services". For example, in the iOS example to the right the seller is identified as "Smallware LLC". These credentials could be used for developers to submit their own applications, or for appMobi to submit applications for application developers for a small charge.

Getting Android Market Credentials

Getting developer credentials to the Android Market is the easier of the two procedures. The credentials are granted immediately at the one-time cost of $25.

  • Create and log into a new Google account. This account will ultimately be the keys to your Andorid credentials.
  • Navigate to https://market.android.com/publish/signup and create a developer profile.
  • Pay a registration fee ($25.00) with your credit card (using Google Checkout).

  • Agree to the Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement.

    Getting iOS Appstore Credentials

    Credentials to the iOS Appstore are a little more challenging. Apple requires $100 a year for membership to their iOS Developer Program. Furthermore, credentials themselves are not granted immediately once your credit card clears, but are instead granted in an email back from the Apple Online Store after an hour or so. Follow these steps to become a member of the iOS Developer Program.

  • Join the iOS Developer Program as either an individual or a company ( http://developer.apple.com/programs/ios/).

  • The development program enrollment process will ask whether you want to create a new apple developer account or use a current one. If you would prefer to have one set of credentials to serve both stores, use the same email address and password used to create the Google account for the Android credentials.

  • Continue entering credentials information. Make sure to choose the iOS Developer Program.

  • You may enroll as either an individual or a company. Either one is fine. In order to register as a company, you'll need business documents including, but not limited to: Articles of Incorporation, Business License, etc. as part of Apple's identity verification process.

  • Accept all terms and conditions and pay Apple to join the iOS Developer Program. You'll receive an email confirming your entry into the developer program.